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The Goldsboro portion snaked around Downtown GoldSboro in the wind, allowing us to distract ourselves for a refreshing beer in the middle of the walk and find some of North Carolina's best secrets.

If you live in the Triangle or Greenville, this is the perfect place for a day trip, but it also has a lot to offer for those who want to stay overnight. If your trip is in - laws for the holiday to visit, you can find a cost-effective - effective solution here. Since Goldsboro travel plans are relatively flexible, you should plan your trip in good weather and low hotel prices. Here in Wayne County you can discover some of the best restaurants, bars, shops and restaurants in North Carolina. Sprinkle in annual events and stunning outdoor fun and you # Ve has made himself a winner on weekends all year round.

There is something for everyone, with guided tours of Seymour Johnson Air Force Base and its facilities on the last Thursday of the month. Experience a monthly public tour with a relative who served at Seymour-Johnson Air Force Base.

Tours of Goldsboro and Wayne County are a great way to get around the area. With so much to do and explore, add more dos to your Gold's sboro Summer Bucket List this summer. This list of the best activities in and around GoldSboro offers variety for newcomers and long-time visitors.

Bring a friend and head out for a fun-filled day in Goldsboro with picnics, beer, food, music and more. If you want to tell us what you can do in and around GoldSboro over the weekend, you should check out certain events in the city center to keep up to date.

The beautiful landscape in this state park is worth a visit, but has much more to offer. Therefore we think it is worth a day trip out of the triangle and have made it onto our NC bucket list.

We found that Goldsboro is always busy and that it is not your average town in East North Carolina. From our favorite restaurants in town, we can assure you that visiting the brewery master is always great for all the great things we have done in and around Gold Sboro. The city centre has so many fun things to do that you should definitely visit!

The unique shops in the historic district make it an attractive experience for visitors and residents to explore. The friendly staff and friendly atmosphere make it a great place to enjoy a delicious meal or sample a unique beer in Goldsboro.

Downtown, there are also a number of local-run shops, including the Carolina Pine Country Store, which offers some of the best craft beers in Goldsboro, as well as a wide selection of local craft beers. There are also a variety of locally owned shops, including a grocery store, café, antique shop and vintage shop.

Guided tours for Civil War enthusiasts are free on request, but donations are welcome. In general business, visitors can take home their nostalgia with a variety of North Carolina products celebrating a bygone era, as well as some of the state's best local craft beers. The site hosts a number of special events, including the annual Goldsboro Heritage Festival.

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While in the city, I attended an inspiring women's leadership conference in North Carolina Chat with some of their leaders from across the state.

While we talk about pork, I will familiarize you with the Goldsboro and Wayne County BBQ by using our handy BBQ Passport to navigate through the flood of amazing BBQ. Mt. Olive, home to pickles, is one of North Carolina's most popular barbecues, and it's all about them. Celebrate the city's long-standing poultry heritage with a viewing tower and a variety of local meat and poultry dealers. Now you should move on to local grill sites such as the Blue Ridge BBQ Company and Greenville BBQ Co.

Adams BBQ has a roadside stand on Highway 70 and recently opened a second downtown location, but this one is no exception. This type of restaurant is one of the best in North Carolina and a great addition to the city of Goldsboro. It has a little city feel and packs a punch with art, history and food, so it's the perfect place for a quick lunch.

Due to the proximity to the surrounding major universities, this is an exciting job and offers many opportunities for professional growth. You can search for vacancies at Cherry Hospital and learn more about current vacancies at Work NC. To make better use of the resources of the University of North Carolina at Goldsboro and other colleges and universities in the area, Cherry Hospital is entering into a new partnership with UNC - Chapel Hill School of Nursing.

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More About Goldsboro